All are welcome to participate in the thriving ministries at United Family Fellowship.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry offers a comprehensive ministry strategy for winning unbelievers to Christ. Through church-wide training, development, and recruitment of gift-specific evangelism teams, this ministry encourages all believers take advantage of opportunities to make known the message of the Gospel to the unsaved.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is a young, innovative, energetic group of teens whose primary objective is to become disciples of Christ. Through caring, godly mentorship, we are equipping our teens with a firm foundation of faith as they mature into the next generation of leaders. (Ages 13-18)

“UFF Kidz”

Children’s Ministry – The Children’s Ministry is responsible for providing foundational principles of faith to UFF’s youngest generation. These are passionate boys and girls who desire to learn about and be like Christ. UFF Kidz empowers our children every week through bible and Sunday worship. (Ages 4-12)

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is comprised of a group of individuals dedicated to reinforcing a culture of hope and revitalization within UFF, from the door to the pulpit. By showing genuine, intentional love to our neighbors, this ministry maintains an atmosphere that is consistent with and representative of the mission and vision of UFF, thus expanding the Kingdom of God one soul at a time.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry uses musical expression to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, encourage believers in their faith, and lead the congregation in praise and worship. This ministry provides an avenue for individuals to use their musical gifts to glorify God, and serve as an integral part of the worship experience. The divisions of the UFF Music Ministry are as follows:

UFF Band  – Instrumentalists include individuals who play keyboard, organ, bass, drums, and more. All musicians who are members of UFF are encouraged to become a part of this ministry.

Worship Team  – Each member of this ensemble encourages the congregation to participate in glorifying the Lord. Leading corporate worship is a responsibility that we take seriously, and each member understands that every expression of worship sets an example for the congregation.

Audio/Video Ministry

The Audio/Video Ministry is the technical branch of UFF. This ministry exists to ensure that all technical components of the worship service are executed in excellence. Individuals on this ministry serve in at least one of the following capacities: Screen Support (main operating screen in sanctuary), Online Streaming, Camera Operation, Audio Monitoring, etc.

Social Media Ministry

The Social Media Ministry promotes UFF and other ministries using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media to make the community aware of UFF events and initiatives. Individuals on this ministry contribute to developing creative messaging and graphics for posts on these interfaces.